Cubix Cases - Pre-made stock cases
Keyboard Cases
* 9mm or 6mm ply with black laminate exterior
* Foam Lined throughout with interlocking foam
* 10mm Aluminium angle and extrusion
* Butterfly twist lock catches flush mount or surface mount
* Dish Handles flush mounted
* Steel ball corners
* 100mm swivel castors ( 2 with brackes ) or built in trolley wheels

Formats Supported:
* Hinged Lid
* Lift Off Lid
* Front & rear removable lids
* Front, top and rear panel

The 6mm ply cases are light to carry cases and good for general travel in cars, trucks and planes. The 9mm ply cases are very heavy duty and perfect for the constant touring in trucks or planes although the weight of the larger cases may need to be considered.

Amp RacksHow to Order: Always check with availability on the Cubix cases.