Custom Cases

Nova Forge has been manufacturing durable and robust protective custom cases in Australia for over 25 years.

While we remain a leading provider of custom cases to the music industry Nova Forge has expanded its capabilities and product offering over the last ten years to service a range of industries including:

  • Medical equipment;
  • Scientific instrumentation;
  • Telecommunications and broadcasting components;
  • Military and law enforcement appliances; and
  • Sensitive biotechnology applications.

As a result we offer the widest variety of custom case solutions in Australia. We use high quality materials, specifically tailored machinery and skilful staff to ensure that your sensitive equipment is well protected by a custom case which meets your most stringent specifications and requirements. A high quality custom case is like insurance for your precious instruments and you can rest easy knowing it will survive the harshest punishment in transit.

Nova Forge offers a very friendly, honest and highly responsive service and our aim is to ensure our customers are more than pleased with their finished custom case product. The quality and durability of our products is supported by our very high percentage of repeat customers whose businesses we understand in detail and whose growth we have supported over many years.

Nova Forge can design and construct a custom case providing you with the following benefits:

  • Exact fit customised case to suit your product dimensions which minimises weight and provides optimum support
  • Highly customised internal foam support using a range of foam densities and including highly accurate machine cut shapes to protect sensitive equipment from shock and vibration in transit
  • A range of castor and wheel solutions to suit your specific needs
  • A range of case lid systems and access options as required
  • In built access panels for electronic monitoring and also tailored ventilation panels
  • A range of construction types to suit your specific custom case usage and transportation patterns

All you need to do is email us your specifications or bring your product into our office and we will develop a free design and provide a custom quote for your custom case.

The Nova Forge brand is highly recognisable and widely acknowledged as an industry leader in providing custom case protection for your sensitive equipment and we continue to set the standard in the design and construction of durable and resilient custom flight cases and custom road cases in Australia.